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Exhibition: Emanuel Lasker: Thinker, Cosmopolitan, World Chess Champion

As part of the event at Kaiserbahnhof Potsdam, the Emanuel Lasker Society will present the core exhibits of its new travelling exhibition on World Chess Champion Emanuel Lasker for the first time. Emanuel Lasker (1868–1941) might be considered the most challenging and idiosyncratic figure in modern chess history. Over a period of 27 years (from 1894 to 1921), he continuously defended his title, which makes him the longest-reigning World Chess Champion of all time.

Lasker's passion for thinking, however, was not exclusively limited to the 64 squares of the chess board. Although a globally admired chess player, he was constantly striving for insights and recognition in other fields as well. As a mathematician, philosopher, game theorist, writer, and poet, he created works revealing the complex thoughts of an original and independent mind.

The exhibition will shed light on the remarkably multifaceted life and work of Emanuel Lasker. One of the most notable exhibits is the world championship table with its original pieces at which Emanuel Lasker won over Carl Schlechter in 1910.
The concept of the exhibition is based on a monograph on Lasker that was published in 2009 by order of the Emanuel Lasker Society and provides an overview of the international state of research on Emanuel Lasker. The aim is to gradually expand the scope of the exhibition and to present it at several venues in German-speaking countries until 2014.

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