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GM Stefan Kindermann

Republik Österreich
Austrian Republic 

Stefan Kindermann Stefan Kindermann was born in Vienna on 28 December 1959. After his family moved to Munich in 1967, he joined a chess club for the first time at the age of 12. Kindermann had his first major tournament win in 1985, when he finished first equal at the Dortmund Chess Meeting. In the following year he won tournaments in Biel and Stary Smokovec, and was accorded the title of Grand Master by FIDE in 1988. In 1989 he won the renowned chess festival in Bad Wörishofen.

In 1995 he achieved his greatest success to date: winning the zonal tournament in Ptuj to qualify for the World Chess Championship in 1997. After a first-round victory over the American-Russian grandmaster Alex Yermolinsky, he was eliminated in round two after playing the Brazilian Gilberto Milos.
Kindermann played for the German national team in 6 Chess Olympiads, before changing over to the Austrian chess association, and representing it in the team Olympiad in 2008. He won the German team championship with Bayern München 9 times in total. At present his commitments include playing for Merkur Graz in the Austrian premier chess league.
Stefan Kindermann is well known as the author of high-quality chess books, and has written several works on different opening systems. Professionally, he is the joint director of the Münchener Schachakademie with grandmaster Gerald Hertneck.