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GM Vlastimil Hort

Česká republika
Czech Republic

Vlastimil HortTo give a comprehensive description of the Czech/German chess GM Vlastimil Hort, born in Kladno, Czech Republic, on 12 January 1944, it is not enough to enumerate his countless successes in Olympiads and world and national championships. You simply have to meet Vlastimil Hort, since he is one of those people who have a natural gift: the ability to talk for hours without boring his audience for so much as a second. His confidence, humour and charisma instantly cast their spell on everyone he meets, even people with no connection to chess.

To give an impression of Hort’s stature and experience, here are his most impressive successes to date:

  • in 1965 he earned the title of International Chess Grandmaster at the age of 21
  • in 1967 he took 6th place, an excellent result, in the interzonal tournament, the last stage before the elimination matches for the world championship
  • in 1977 he reached the quarter-final of the world championship, where he lost to the subsequent finalist, Boris Spassky, 7½:8½, in the most unfortunate way possible: in the decisive 15th game Hort was clearly winning but exceeded the time limit
  • Hort took part in a total of 14 Chess Olympiads (playing eleven times for Czechoslovakia and three times for Germany) and won two silver medals (as part of the Czechoslovakian team in 1982, and in the individual evaluation on the first board in 1972), and one bronze medal (in the individual evaluation on board 3 in 1962)
  • he won a total of 9 national championships: 6 in Czechoslovakia, and three in Germany after he moved there
  • in 1985 he established a world record in simultaneous chess, playing against 636 opponents at once
  • he played a number of high-level simultaneous blindfold matches, including one in 1979 in Munich, against 20 players, and one in 1981 in Merano, against 21 opponents