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Kaiserbahnhof Potsdam, the Imperial Station

Deutsche Bahn AG has provided the organisers with a uniquely fitting venue for the tournament at the stylish and historic Kaiserbahnhof station in Potsdam. As part of the Potsdam Park Sanssouci station complex, it is located close to the New Palace and on the border of the large palace gardens. The building was designed by the royal court architect Ernst von Ihne and erected in 1909.

Over the years, Kaiserbahnhof has seen the arrival of many famous visitors, from a US President to Tsar Nicholas II, who arrived in the Royal Train in 1910. This was also the station from which Empress Auguste Viktoria, wife of the last German monarch, followed her husband into exile in the Netherlands on 27 November 1918.

After World War II, the Soviet military command used the station as a terminus for the “Blue Express”, the train which ran between Moscow and Berlin. From 1952 onwards, the building lost its significance and was used for various purposes by the East German authorities. Latterly, it served as a storage shed and gradually fell into disrepair. It ultimately had to be closed in 1977 as it was unsafe.
Finally, in 2005 the station was completely restored by Deutsche Bahn AG and has been used as a management training facility, DB Akademie, since then. Neither the grounds nor the station are open to the public.