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Séance: „Philidor in Potsdam“

A chess genius resurrected!

Simultaneous blindfold chess on 3 boards with Chess Grandmaster Stefan Kindermann in the role of Philidor.
Conférencier: Philidor biographer Susanna Poldauf
Supporting roles: FIDE Master Dijana Dengler and Paul Werner Wagner, Chairman of the Emanuel Lasker Society.
Music: Barbara Kind (soprano), Matthias Klünder (harpsichord).

At Kaiserbahnhof, Grandmaster Stefan Kindermann and Philidor biographer Susanna Poldauf present the 18th-century master player: François-André Danican Philidor – chess genius, opera composer, author of books and blindfold chess player.

After his legendary performance before the Prussian King Frederick the Great in the nearby Palace of Sanssouci, Philidor will also pay us the honour of a visit and let us witness his phenomenal mental capabilities, when he challenges 3 members of the audience to simultaneous chess matches which he will play blindfold.

His entourage also includes his second, the notorious Monsieur Légal, as well as Philidor’s charming but mysterious companion Madame D. We will also experience the sensational singer Barbarella Infante and the famous harpsichordist Mathieu le Klué, who will delight us with arias from Philidor’s operas in a performance the like of which has never been heard before in the whole of Prussia!