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The Commentators

helmut-pfleger Dr. Helmut Pfleger (69 years old) achieved cult status with the Schach der Großmeister ("Chess of the Grandmasters") show aired by Germany's Westdeutscher Rundfunk TV station that he hosted with Claus Spahn and Vlastimil Hort. Pfleger, who is a chess Grandmaster and holds a PhD in Medicine, also excelled in his career as a chess player, which saw him participate in several chess Olympiads and win a bronze medal with the German team at Tel Aviv in 1964. At the 1978 Olympiad in Buenos Aires, his win over Polugajewski significantly contributed to the German team's win over the Soviet Union, which was considered a sensation at that time. After the end of his career as an active player, Pfleger maintained his connection with the world of chess and still writes a weekly column for DIE ZEIT. He lives in Munich.

klaus-bischoff Klaus Bischoff (51 years old) has established himself as Pfleger's successor as Germany's most important chess commentator in recent years. As a consequence, the Grandmaster spends less time sitting at the board these days, but he is still a member of the federal league team of the Essen-based Schachfreunde Katernberg chess club. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Bischoff played some legendary matches against SG Porz with Bayern München's team. The silver medal he won with Germany at the 2000 Istanbul Chess Olympiad marked the biggest success in his career as a team player. Bischoff earned numerous titles as a German Blitz Chess Champion and is still considered almost unrivalled in this discipline in Germany. He lives in Frankfurt am Main.

raj-tischbierekSince 1991, Raj Tischbierek (50 years old) has earned a reputation as editor-in-chief of Germany's leading chess magazine SCHACH, for which he established the Exzelsior Verlag publishing house in 1999. The development of his chess career during GDR times, which saw him win two GDR Championship titles in 1987 and 1990, was hampered by the universally known restrictions in socialist states. After he had attained the Grandmaster title in 1990, Tischbierek increasingly focused on his work as a journalist and publisher and also organized some large-scale events in recent years. Nevertheless, he still returns to the chess board on a regular basis and currently strives to re-enter the German first league with his second-league team from Dresden. Raj Tischbierek lives in Berlin.